Wood density studies

Sources for reports on several studies of wood densities are provided. 1998.

by Professor Gene Wengert

Do you have literature on wood density variation studies and in particular, a quantitative approach to analysing it?

There have been several "Wood Density Studies" done at the US Forest Products Lab over the years. They were done often to help with pulp and paper concersn and with concerns about the strength of wood. There are several reports in this area that will be a start: "Increment Cores and How to Collect, Handle and Them" by Maeglin. US Forest Products Lab General Technical Report FPL-25; "Survey of the specifc gravity of eight Maine conifers" by Wahlgren, US Forest Products Lab Research Paper FPL 95; "Increment core specific gravity of Wisconsin hardwoods..." by Maeglin, US Forest Products Lab Research Paper FPL 202 and 203; Properties of major southern pines: Part I--wood density survey" by Wahlgren, US Forest Products Lab Research Paper FPL 176. This should get you started. (Address: One Gifford Pinchot Dr., Madison, WI 53705 USA)

Professor Gene Wengert is Extension Specialist in Wood Processing at the Department of Forestry, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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