Removing Excess Stain from Corners

Hand-work techniques for getting wiping stain out of cabinet corners. July 27, 2008

I'm getting ready to stain my cabinets. I have used a wash coat which worked out well. I always have had a problem with too much stain build up in the corners. Is there any way not to get this build up? I plan on using Mohawk wiping stain.

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From contributor A:
I have never had such a problem. Is this a heavily pigmented stain? Maybe you could try a sponge applicator so you're not saturating the surface. When wiping the stain off fold you rag in such away that you can remove the stain from your corners.

From contributor B:
Some shops I worked for that use Mohawk stains apply with a rag fairly heavily. Wipe the excess back off and then use a 3" brush to pounce into the corners to pick up any excess stain as well as other areas. Clean your brush out often on a clean rag.

From contributor C:
To contributor B: If the original questioner is having problems with stain build up do you think that Mohawk stains are a good choice for him? Used improperly or to somebody who is unfamiliar with them, Mohawk can really get a person in trouble.

From contributor B:
Making your own stains to fit the job is always the best way to go. If you're using prepackaged stains, learn the chemistry and you'll be able to doctor the stain to act like you want it to. If you are employed somewhere that offers you only one type of stain, learn to use it the best you can. Having used Mohawk stains, I find if they are thinned 5% and a little B.O. added they work as well as any except mine. That said, if the original questioner does use the Mohawk and thins it and adds oil I think his problem will be eliminated or greatly reduced. Use of the brush to clean the corners or other areas should work well. There are many in your area who still brush their stains on the bare wood to obtain a uniform surface from piece to piece.

From contributor D:
If you are having trouble removing stain from the corners, just wrap a rag over the blade of a putty knife and have at it. It won't matter whose brand of oil stain you use as this will work equally as well. You could also wrap a rag over the end of your air gun and give it a quick blast. Be careful you don't blow stain all over the shop.