WOODWEB's technical forums cover every facet of professional woodworking, from the moment lumber is harvested until a project is installed. Ask a question, or contribute to a solution for a fellow woodworker.

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  • Adhesives
    Discussing the use of woodworking adhesives, contact cements, epoxies, and other bonding agents, and troubleshooting common problems encountered in adhesive use.
  • Architectural Woodworking
    Quality standards and other issues related to the manufacture and installation of mouldings, doors, windows, and other types of architectural work are covered here.
  • Business and Management
    Conversation on topics ranging from starting up your business to sales and marketing, project management to people management, and legal issues to accounting.
  • Cabinetmaking
    32mm, frameless, and face-frame cabinet design, construction, and installation techniques are discussed here, along with drawers, pullouts, and other accessories.
  • CAD
    Beat the Computer Aided Design learning curve with help from experienced CAD users discussing cabinet, architectural millwork and furniture design.
  • Commercial Kiln Drying
    Discuss issues facing commercial drying operations that process at least 750,000 bd. ft. of lumber per year
  • CNC
    Learn all about Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) woodworking equipment, software, and automated manufacturing techniques.
  • Dust Collection, Safety Equipment and Plant Operation
    Share ideas on plant layout, dust collection systems, and other techniques and accessories for making the workplace safer.
  • Professional Finishing
    From traditional finishes like lacquers and shellacs to specialty coatings and the new wave of water-based products, you'll find tips for putting it on, taking it off, and making it look great right here.
  • Forestry
    Learn about the science and art of forest cultivation and timber management. Discussion covers these (and other) topics of interest: planting, surveying, tree diseases, silviculture and timber harvesting.
  • Professional Furniture Making
    Advice to help professional furniture makers improve quality, save time, and increase profits.
  • Laminating and Solid Surfacing
    Learn about fabricating solid surfacing products and plastic laminates in cabinetry, countertops, and other applications.
  • Sawing and Drying
    There's no better source of both technical and practical information on lumber harvesting, sawmilling, and air and kiln drying available.
  • Solid Wood Machining
    This forum covers every aspect of machining solid lumber, including proper tool sharpening, equipment care and maintenance, and correct feed rates.
  • Value Added Wood Processing
    spans the gap between WOODWEB's popular Sawing and Drying Forum and our many secondary-processing discussion forums. Learn how to increase profitability by: improving your products, finding new markets, making new products with your existing output, and improving marketing and sales.
  • Veneer
    It's thin. It's economical. It's beautiful. And it's technically demanding. Whether you're a veneering novice or expert, get reliable information on veneer, from purchasing it to applying it, right here.
    A woodworkers "town square," where any woodworking-related topic is up for discussion, any time.
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