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Details - Offering Employment
Listing Type:Offering Employment (Full time)
Location:Town Creek, AL
Name:Steve Ball [Contact]
Opportunity: Gain experience with shaping raw materials into finished parts and assemblies. Manual processes include cutting, sawing, shaping, milling, drilling, sanding, screwing, riveting, welding, grinding, polishing, woodworking, sewing, fabricating, assembling, abrasive blasting, painting, adhesive bonding and job layout and setup. Computer-driven processes include CNC programming for plasma table and routers and 3D CAD design (SolidWorks).

Commercial job shop designs and produces products from various materials. This isn't a hard job, but it is a job that requires attention to detail, precision, and an "eye" for how finished products should look....and your ability and desire to learn to make those products have a good-quality appearance. It also requires respect for machines, tools, equipment and SAFETY. The job certainly requires that you are willing to accept and follow frequent, very-detailed instructions on use of tools and technique.

If you are a hands-on person and would enjoy learning new skills and having access to commercial-grade equipment and facilities, this might be for you. Owner is a mechanical engineer and former attorney. Successful apprentice will develop personally as well as learn valuable skills in the mechanical and electrical fields, including maintenance and repair of company facilities and vehicles.

(Students and Tech school graduates with SolidWorks or AutoCAD Inventor are encouraged to apply regardless of experience.)

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