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The worst thing that can happen in a company is when sales does a great job closing projects, and then the project manager makes so many mistakes that the owner or GC will never use your company again, and you lost money. We find owners all over the country rapidly approaching burn-out because of lack of strong project management. It is so hard to find quality project managers in our industry.

We have had great success teaching your current employees to be more productive and increase profits while reducing the chaos surrounding projects as a result of lack of communication and proactive project management. We teach project managers how to be the "god" of the project. The eight hour (one day) seminar on project management was recently completed in Colorado and can be repeated at your location.

1. Unlimited participants from your company (limited to company employees and spouse of company owner).
2. You will receive the free DMC Estimating and Project Management Platform in the Total Company Integration methodology (normally sells for $2995.00).

Cost is $3,495.00 and includes all expenses except a lunch on the day of the seminar. Also includes seminar books for up to six employees. More books may be purchased for $30 each. However, these may be shared among all company employees. We only require a room that will hold the participants and a blank wall or screen. We bring our projector (or use yours). Cost is the same, either way.
Schedule by calling DMC at 719-755-8897 or email

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