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Thermos Brand Car Body

Listing #1617   Listed on: 12/05/2008

Company Name: B.H. Davis Company

Contact Name:   B.H. Davis

Three or four years ago I cut the ribbed framework for a friend who was making this reproduction vehicle. He sent me photos of the finished vehicle the other day. Kind of fun and interesting. My CNC cut ribs were a very insignificant part of the project.

BH Davis

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A photo of one of the small fleet of original Thermos trucks.

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"Here's a couple pictures of the thermos bottle car we did about 4 years ago. It took about 8 months of Saturday evenings to get it figured out but we perseverd and got it done. It took a little head scratching to get it figured out. The chassis to this is a 1925 model-TT ford 1 ton truck which is what one of the original cars was built on. She does run and drive so it's usable in parades. People love it and are unaware that the Thermos company acatually had these. We are very pleased with how it turned out. The time you spent on our project greatly enhanced its final appearance by producing such perfect roundness to the bottle structure."

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Completed reproduction Thermos truck

Viewer Comments:

Posted By: Tim Schultz     [12/05/2008]

That is one of the coolest things I have seen in a long while. You sure do some interesting stuff.


Posted By: Jim     [01/13/2009]
Great job. Whats next? The hot dog car?

Posted By: Rich Soby     [01/13/2009]
That is sweet!
That must have been a real fun project to work on!

Posted By: ChinaTrader     [01/22/2009]
Never saw something like that before.
And it's even able to move on?

Posted By: ted     [01/28/2009]
Any pictures of the originals? Are there any still around?

Posted By: Jonas Paulo Negreiros     [05/02/2009]
Very nice truck.

Posted By: B.Rose     [07/30/2009]
I,m curious as to what you used for the skin? is that metal laminate?

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