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Douglas Fir Shoji Doors and Kitchen

Listing #2455   Listed on: 12/20/2009

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Contact Name:   Old Green

Here is project I tackled earlier this year for a house out on the coast. Frameless style cabinetry in VG Fir and a couple of sets of Shoji Doors.

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Shoji doors and kitchen

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This project was a rare departure for me from my Arts & Crafts comfort zone. It is actually the first frameless style kitchen I have built.

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Posted By: steve     [12/23/2009]
Looks very smart with that blue tile backdrop

Posted By: troy     [01/06/2010]
Could you please explain what frameless cabinets means. I like your choice for the douglas fir work. I think this wood often gets overlooked as a choice for finishing wood.

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