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Drywall bullnose corners crown moulding

Listing #2504   Listed on: 01/08/2010

Company Name: B.H. Davis Company

Contact Name:   BH Davis

We occasionally get a call for drywall bull nose radius baseboard corners. I've always passed on these requests because it didn't seem there would be enough profit in them at small volumes.

However I recently got a request for 27 of these drywall bull nose crown mouldings. 12 of them were a 7" plus face profile and the other 15 were a 5"+ version of the same profile.

The upper wide sweep portion of the profile was profiled with Enroute4 3D software on our CNC and the lower beaded portions were profiled on the shaper.

You can visit our NEW drywall bull nose corner webpage at:

This project definitely changed my outlook on how to work with these corners. If we do get any orders for base or crown corners we'll make them like these, with tangent straight legs. That should make them stand apart from the corner only bends that are available elsewhere.


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Photo on one of the corners prior to being shipped.

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During installation.

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Completed installation.

Viewer Comments:

Posted By: kol     [01/08/2010]
Awesome. I'll definitely be checking out your website. Thanks

Posted By: Harry DeVrieze     [01/09/2010]
As usual nice!

Posted By: chris hostetler     [01/11/2010]
very cool. What kind of router do you have? was the profile done with a large profile bit or with multiple passes of a small ball nose?

Posted By: B.H. Davis     [01/11/2010]
We have a CNT 900 6x10 router.

The upper large sweep portion of the profile was done with a 1/2" ballnose bit on the cnc. The lower beaded section was done on the shaper. The two parts were then brought together to make up the complete final moulding.


Posted By: archturn     [02/13/2010]
BH Beautiful job. I was contracted to make similar radius crown on my lathe (faceplate work) then quartered on the table saw. Yours are fine!

Posted By: andy shahin     [11/08/2020]

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