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Walnut dining table

Listing #2528   Listed on: 01/22/2010

Company Name: Living Tree Carpentry

Contact Name:   Chaim Gottesman

This table was custom built for a client with ten children who bring their growing families for the weekend and holidays! It's 21 feet long and about three feet wide, made from solid walnut. The extension rails are made from oak and the leaves are made from walnut veneered ply. It was so big that I could not fully open it in my shop and had to complete it at my client’s home! I used a dye to tie the differing colors of the walnut together. I then applied one coat of oil varnish to help the chatoyancy a bit and after it cured I sealed it with a one pound cut of de-waxed shellac. Finally I topped it off with water based polyurethane for durability and ease of application.

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view from underneath

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unfinished top showing sap wood and rails

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leg detail

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table opened

Viewer Comments:

Posted By: Jeff N.     [01/22/2010]
bravo on the table, whose extension slides did you use? And how short is it able to close to?

Posted By: Gerald T Ortman     [01/23/2010]
The joy of seeing that table full of children and grandchildren must be something very special...and you made it possible. Bravo! Be proud.

Gerald Ortman

PS Table looks great too. I love heavy solid tops.

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