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Pennsylvania Linen Press in tiger maple

Listing #2909   Listed on: 09/23/2010

Company Name: D. C. Nauman, Chairmaker & Cabinetmaker

Contact Name:   Dave Nauman

Pennsylvania linen press in tiger maple with antique finish; interior finished in milk paint.

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Linen press 1.

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Linen press 2.

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Linen press 3

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Linen press interior.

Viewer Comments:

Posted By: Scott     [09/23/2010]
Nicely done!

Posted By: gringo     [09/24/2010]
Very nice

Posted By: mark     [09/24/2010]
This is the best piece I have seen in a long time. Nice job on the material selection

Posted By: Floss     [09/24/2010]

Do you saw your own lumber? I have had a tough time finding good figured maple and decent cherry for th past few years.

Most folks around here(central VA) just saw poplar,pine and oak. So it is hard to find a sawyer who cuts small batches of furniture grade lumber.

Nice job on the press.


Posted By: Doug     [09/28/2010]
Ahh, what we have here is a guy that has had some training. Perfect proportion, correct species and wow what great color. Add 235 year and it would be right at home. Nice work!

Posted By: chris     [10/02/2010]
All I can say is WOW! What a beautiful piece of furniture. Someone will be luck to have this piece in home.

Posted By: John Hancock     [06/02/2011]
What a fabulous color inside. Takes guts! And great hardware. Wonderful piece.

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