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Black Walnut Hand Carved Headboard

Listing #4016   Listed on: 12/13/2012

Company Name: Aalmark LLC

Contact Name:   Alexander Grabovetskiy

Headboard hand carved from 4" thick Black Walnut for A customer in Washington State.

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I am pro. Wood Carver doing all types of Carving. Architectural Woodcarving, Woodcarving for Cabinetry and Furniture and Just ornamental or Decorative Woodcarving. You can visit my website to see a lot more and judge ( in good way only) about my capabilities in woodworking world.
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My Carving Tools Wall. Left of my workbench.

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from the Beginning

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at work

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at work

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99.99% complete

Viewer Comments:

Posted By: Jon Grider     [12/14/2012]
Stunning work, you are truly a master. It's refreshing to see work by hand and not a CNC.

Posted By: Dave Edgerton     [12/14/2012]
Fantastic work!

Posted By: Joe McDaniel     [12/16/2012]
This is beautiful work. Would you be willing to post some more pictures of your shop/tool layout so we can see how you maximize your efficiency for this much hand tool work?

Posted By: Alexander Grabovetskiy     [12/17/2012]
Thank you very much for all comments about my workshop. It is nothing special - it is the same like everybody else. I have two main divisions. One side is all power tools and the another all hand tools. On the power tool side I am "Festoolian" and on the hand tool side I am "Ashley lies-en". I will add pictures of my carving tool wall - it is left of my carving bench.

Posted By: Chris Hostetler     [12/17/2012]
Absolutely incredible. Thanks for sharing. As with all of your work, my CNC is in the corner pouting :)

Posted By: Dave Sochar     [12/18/2012]
Work like this shows how good humans can be. The carving skills are one thing, the design knowledge and then the layout to make it all work, and work so well, are another. This is a great summation of what real woodwork can be.

Posted By: chris hostetler     [12/19/2012]
It is obvious what a talented carver you are. You also deserve the greatest praise for your ability to market. You have great photography and you know how to present your work in a light that is on par with the actual work. The best work deserves the best presentation. Bravo!

Posted By: steve     [12/23/2012]
I hope the pillows don't cover it. Is it to sit on top of another board?

Posted By: Alexander Grabovetskiy     [12/23/2012]
It is only upper part. It will sit on top of the cushioned part. It will be three cushions below this part, but it will be done by another company. My part was just carving the upper part.

Posted By: shukri     [12/26/2012]
How long did this take to carve?

Posted By: Alexander Grabovetskiy     [12/26/2012]
It took about 2.5 months including design and agreement with customer. The design stage took about two weeks and carving two months.

Posted By: Mr. 20C     [01/13/2013]
Very well done Alex! You are a gifted and talanted craftsman.


Posted By: Theodore B. Hoeft     [01/14/2013]
Amazed! Like hand cut dovetails versus machine cut, this level of woodcarving is refreshingly wonderful to see!

Posted By: Ed Ciurczak     [01/14/2013]
Bravo! I carve professionally on and off for 40 plus years. If the church is paying then carve! You are a pro and your lines are exquisite! I would like to follow your work.

Posted By: Dick Colman     [01/14/2013]
How long did it take to create such a masterpiece? Not counting the many years it took to acquire your superb skill.

Posted By: Alexander Grabovetskiy     [01/14/2013]
Two and a half months full time.

Posted By: Peter Triestman     [01/14/2013]
It takes not only talent, skill, and intelligence to execute these carvings, it requires a classical art education too. There is nowhere to learn these skills in this country. Go to art school in the US, and you won't study the masters, you will do your own thing.

We have a similarly talented woodcarver in our shop, who went to a five year sculpting program in the Ukraine that also does comparable work. Br>
Alex, where did you study and how many years did it take to develop your skills?

It is sad to see, but the main way into the wood "crafting" business in this country is by failing elsewhere in education.

Posted By: Richard A. Johnson     [02/05/2013]
I know you did it but I just cannot believe that someone could do this all by hand. What talent you have!

Posted By: Jon Andrew     [04/16/2013]
Simply beautiful. How long does it take to carve something like that?

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