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Listing #4063   Listed on: 02/21/2013

Company Name: Laguna bamboo

Contact Name:   Richard Goodman

Recently completed bamboo project in Salano Beach, California. Includes kitchen, walls, bathrooms, and interior doors.

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Amber vertical Bamboo

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Use LED under counter lights - Not sure I liked the reflection from the surface of the stainless counter top

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It was easier for the designer to draw the elevation than it was for me to figure out the detailing

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These 2 doors are full overlay retractable pocket doors. If you notice, the cabinets over the washer hide the washer hoses and shut off valves. I leave the back off the bottom 12 inches, make the bottom of the cabinet 2 inches short with a back ledge that makes sure things don't fall off the shelf.

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Hall closet and fau closet behind touch latch panels

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guest bath

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Hallway linen with uplighting.

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Master bath

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Dresser in walk in closet

Viewer Comments:

Posted By: Kenneth Havinga     [02/22/2013]
Hi Richard. This is truly stunning! Thanks for sharing. Ken.

Posted By: dan     [03/09/2013]
Nice Work.

Does that Hallway Linen have doors because it is hard to see any seam between the end panel and the door panel.

Posted By: Christine     [03/10/2013]

Posted By: Richard     [03/10/2013]
Dan - yes three doors. I'm not sure why the margins aren't visible.

Posted By: James     [03/11/2013]
Wow really nice craft. Are those chunky panels mitered and returned back against blocking? Love what you did with shadow lines.

Posted By: Joe     [03/11/2013]
Stunning design and craftsmanship. Well done. Interesting to see the extent gone to hide the bamboo end grain which I think is nice personally but can see how in this design might take away from the simple elegance of it all. Just made a free standing hall cabinet with same material.

Posted By: Richard Goodman     [03/11/2013]
James - I never thought of those end panels as chunky (lol), but you are right that for the most part they are returned back against blocking. Sometimes at small drawer banks I will overlay the box and inset the drawer front (can pick up extra 3/4" in size of drawer).

Posted By: James     [03/12/2013]
Thanks for clarifying. Here in my town folks use that term "chunky" because of Ikea, and often the other option is plain Euro style 3/4" ;)

Posted By: antonio ageeb     [03/13/2013]
Wow - this looks nice and clean! Great work! I completed some work like this a year back and I like yours better! What is the bamboo finished with? Is this the solid bamboo or veneered?

Posted By: Russ     [03/15/2013]
Great work - congrats. I think this is veneer. What type of adhesive did you use and do you have lessons learned that you can share on working with this type of veneer?

Posted By: R1chard Goodman     [03/19/2013]
Antonia and Russ - no veneer here. Solid bamboo (3/4 " - 3 ply) finished with polyurethane.

Posted By: Matt     [03/19/2013]
Beautiful work Richard! I own a shop in South Beach Miami and keep getting clients that request bamboo. I was wondering if you would be willing to share your experience/pricing methods on this type of work, so that those of us new to this material don't under-bid a project. Is there any great difficulty in the finishing process or fabrication that's different from our standard veneer products?

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