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Beaded Inset Kitchen

Listing #4316   Listed on: 01/06/2014

Company Name: Reynolds Custom Woodworks

Contact Name:   Kris

This is a kitchen we had recently done... a few miles from the shop. A refreshing jaunt compared to the 2 hour drive of the kitchen before. Ben Moore Satin Impervo White Dove. Everything was built in house. Unfortunately the backsplash has yet to be determined, and no undercabinet lighting yet.

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Posted By: g     [01/15/2014]
On the cabs that have the apron at the bottom that give the appearance of legs, it appears that the entire bottom rail and "leg" are all one piece. Is it and if so, how do you do that on a face frame cabinet. Does the bottom rail not go in between the stiles?

Posted By: Kris     [01/15/2014]
We apply the "foot" (which is a separate piece) to the bottom of the stile before we assemble the faceframe. The foot is then nailed and pocket screwed to the rail.

Posted By: aj     [05/14/2014]
is that oil based impervo? also which spray setup? thx and grat work

Posted By: Kris     [05/15/2014]
Yes, oil based enamel, satin impervo. These are not sprayed, they are hand painted. We install unfinished, them my painter comes in and paints everything in place. He does the double sided stuff at the shop.

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