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Babinga and Quartersawn Walnut Bookshelf

Listing #4739   Listed on: 04/01/2016

Company Name: Laguna Bamboo

Contact Name:   Richard Goodman

Babinga and Walnut bookshelf

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Was asked to have this character centered and at eye level.

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I take progress photos that I e mail to my clients

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the progress photos and interactions are an integral part of the process. One of my favorite parts

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template for routing back of unit and locating toggle bolts

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template made installation simple

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4 togels on each side

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95% of my work is using bamboo, but after 12 years some of my clients are asking if I would use other woods.

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Posted By: NFW     [04/05/2016]


"e mail"

Bamboo is not wood.

Posted By: Richard Goodman     [04/08/2016]
Thanks for the correction

Posted By: JimD     [04/14/2016]
Beautiful shelf. What would we do without the NFW's of the world eh? Not sure why WW bothers posting things comments like that. Constructive criticism is one thing, and often appreciated by real craftsmen, but petty English lessons are a waste of everyone's time.

Posted By: David Thiessen     [04/21/2016]
Nice job Richard. That looks like a fun change of pace project. Do you find that emailing progress photos help the client feel good about the process?

Posted By: Richard Goodman     [04/22/2016]
They always seemed thrilled that I care so much about their project. A few years back I did a bamboo kitchen in Lexington Kentucky. After 2 or 3 sets of pictures and e mails the client told me I seemed like a neighbor. Than I sent them a picture of a part of one of the cabinets and asked if they could tell what cabinet it was. They responded a with a few choices and explanation. Of what it might be along with a note saying he didn't.t realize there were going to be quizzes along the the end of the e mail he told me how much he appreciated the personal attention.. When they received the cabinets not only were they thrilled with the work they were excited to consider me their new friend.
The pictures and communication add a whole new dimension to the relationship and if an issue should arise every understands it is going to be relsplved with peace and love.

Posted By: Larry     [07/10/2016]
I always thought it was Bubinga. I did find reference to a race horse named Babinga Wood. Beautiful wood no matter what you want to call it.

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