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Brooklyn Brownstone Doors

Listing #509   Listed on: 01/17/2007

Company Name: FociDoors built in my shop in Oregon.Air freight to Brooklyn.Flew out to assemble and install.Paint grade,double sided beveled glass.All mortise and tenon joinery.Incredible East coast..old world profiles!9'6" tall.8' wide.

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Posted By: keith comeau     [01/18/2007]

Paint Grade Don't make me cry.
Is that spanish cedar?
beautiful work

Posted By: Dave S     [01/18/2007]

Interior or exterior?
What type of latching is used?
How did you get anyone to bevel the inside corners of the corner spandrels?
How did you and they connect?

Oh, yeah, nice work.

Posted By: cb     [01/18/2007]

Paint Grade...I know!! A that Brownstone..(1880's I think) It really did need to be match the place and decor. I almost did it out of Mahogany on my on bill just to see if I could accomplish it as a stain grade project.and to give them an option of stain! It wouldn't have worked though.

I overnighted 1/8th inch ply templates to a brooklyn glass shop. that was my priority for scheduling. The inside corners?! On one you could see where it was all a free hand show..regardless..the glasswork was stunning in person..a wall of prisms!
I inset roller catches.Top and bottom of the one door. Full mortise lockset. Beautifull hardware! Flawless action! Almost looked gilded! Very ornate latches.
Interior. Definitely! Brooklyn. The Heights. But still Brooklyn.

Posted By: dan     [01/18/2007]

Very nice work. Have you made a lot of doors? I like the casing is that custom? How long did the install take? Any surprises?

Posted By: cb     [01/18/2007]

No. Not a lot of doors. I built and rebuilt them in my head for 3 weeks before i committed to them. The opening was disected...for plumb...for level...for bellies and bows..the floor the same...pulled diagonals, to check how square the opening was....compensated for everything..

The main frame was uncrated and the mortise and tenons (6) were field installed on the first day. I couldn't not grin at how well it went in....but it came from good measurements!

Posted By: cb     [01/18/2007]

Yes! Very custom casing! The profile was so deep i couldn't use my moulder. Had shaper knives cut for it. 3 piecer. 2 profiled cutters..a rub collar to reference the stock. And a spacer. Remember...the 1/2 inch step in the door jamb....had to be compensated for. One side of the casing had a 1/2 inch wider flat than the other. By using shaper knives,break aparts, and spacers, the same profiles could be used for the differing widths of casings. A scary vertical sled was used for the curved casing. Very scary! The 5 feather boards i used as insurance made it tolerable!......that little bead? is 3/8 round rod i fabbed up with a router. It was applied the the casing.

Posted By: cb     [01/19/2007]

thanks for the was a fun one.

Posted By: Brian     [01/19/2007]

Can I ask what you got for that job?

Posted By: Willard Ripley     [01/19/2007]

So what I really want to know is, how much?

Posted By: c bruce     [01/28/2007]
Just the glass was 4k. shipping 2k, cutters 2k....

Posted By: John M. Wheatley     [01/30/2007]
Beyond beautiful!

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