Art Deco Desk/Dresser and Bench

Listing #913 Listed on: 11/13/2007 Company Name: CT Fine Furniture
Name: Craig Thibodeau Member

This commission came from a new client that saw my Gardenia Sideboard at a show. Both pieces are Myrtle Burl and were designed with the client to blend with their other furniture. The finish is Conversion Varnish over Polyester fill and both pieces have been polished to a high gloss. The black detailing and interior are pigmented lacquer. The veneer was dyed lightly to match the golden brown color of the other pieces.

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Posted By:Walnutty

Beautiful designs, wonderfully executed. Bravo.

Your need to integrate with existing client pieces is always the trick, I'm sure yours will now become the stars of each setting or room, then you might have to do more, darn.

Bed bench looks too long? In situ with bed? Here we just have the pleasure of seeing it as a single object, looks very well proportioned.
It might be the line weight of the edge, possibly a contribution from the lined fabric. (possibly minimize effect using black leather?)But, being torsion you were at (most likely) mechanical minimums. Some great advantages with tb, not done enough in my opinion.

The subtle slope curves to the verts, terrific line.

OK, time to take a breath, let some one else besides my stand up and clap.


Posted By:Earl Kelly

Again you hit one out of the park.

Great design and veneer work. Your finish is excellent and well done.

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