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duplicate headboard

Listing #937   Listed on: 12/01/2007

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Contact Name:   mike

the customer had a queen size headboard and bought a king bed; they wanted to keep the bedroom set and I matched the material and profile for a king size bed.
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Posted By: Frank Williamson     [12/01/2007]
Nice job Mike! Thanks for posting your work. It gives other people some great ideas. Frank @ Williamson's Woodwork Design

Posted By: GC     [12/02/2007]
Perfect execution on the work.......does it get glaze or a darker tint to match the orig unit?

Posted By: mike     [12/02/2007]
GC, not that is it. the light is bad in the side by side, it was a 3 coat schedule and it matched really well in good light. the customer loved it.

Posted By: Dave S     [12/03/2007]
I see a couple of misses: It appears as though the original had bookmatched panels but the copy does not. Also, the curved and recurved rails do not match the curves in proportionality. As dimensiions change in one direction, good proportioning dictates the way things will expand in other dimensions.
If this customer is happy, fine, as they say. But the next one may be more knowledgeable and reject such errors.

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