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Listing #601   Listed on: 12/18/2021

I spent forty years first in general construction and then in the architectural woodwork industry. I sold my architectural woodworking business in 2019 but kept the Woodmizer saw I had bought as a post retirement hobby fantasy. I stayed retired for 6 months and then my son and I decided we liked running the saw enough that we could make it a business. We have been making live edge slab planks from local dead, down and unwanted trees and we occasionally buy logs from east Texas in species and sizes that we cant get around here. My son in law has a tree service and he helps us harvest trees and my nephews have a farm here and they help us load logs with their big equipment and we give them sawdust for their compost operation. We have a small Nyle kiln system in a shed near the saw.

It seemed like every other customer who bought a plank wanted us to make furniture from it so I was back full circle to my early days in the business making furniture in my driveway. We decided to build a shop and that project is nearing completion. It will be a fully equipped shop including a 43 two head Timesaver. At the same time we are upgrading our kiln to a 24 container, a former refrigerator that is insulated R28 on all 6 surfaces and which will be through feed with 30 roller conveyor on each side. Lots to do and lots of beautiful material to sell and fabricate.
Company Name:   DendroTechnology
Contact Name:   Rick Thaler
Location:   Corrales , NM  87048
Year Founded:   2020
Sq. Footage:   2,700
Employees:   2
Gross Sales:   N/A

Product Specialties:
    Hardwood Lumber
    Other Wood Products

Service Specialties:
    Custom Sawing
    Kiln Drying

Sawmill Equipment:

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