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Air-powered Variable Height Assembly Table

Listing #57   Listed on: 09/30/2011

Needing a very flat surface to assemble chairs on, I built a 3' x 5' x 6" torsion box. When deciding on the base, chose to make it variable height for ease of working on it. Made a dual "X" assembly out of 2" x 2" angle iron with one end fixed and the other end on wheels. Originally used rubber wheels, but changed to wooden wheels for stability. Added 3 double acting air cylinders to lift it up. Releasing the air pressure and gravity will bring it back down. The height is variable between 22" at the lowest to 40" at the top.

Originally did not use air cylinders to lift it up and down. Used an old fashioned bumper jack from an old car. But, being lazy, added the air cylinders later. Since used double acting cylinders (not necessary), put a filter on the side without air pressure to prevent dirt/sawdust being drawn back into cylinder when lowering table.

It is very nice to be able to work on projects and put them at a convienent height to work on them.

The video shows it in action.

Photo 1 shows the angle iron x assembly

Photo 2 shows a front view of air cylinders This is a link to David Marks site. The torsion box basic design came from his video. Cannot find it at this time. Do a google of torsion boxes and will find many examples.

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