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Air Cleaner

Listing #67   Listed on: 11/17/2011

This is an air cleaner I built from a salvaged furnace blower.

It pulls the air through two sets of two filters. It picks up quite a bit of dust and with the blower pointed up helps circulate warm air from the ceiling in the winter.

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Air Cleaner

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Posted By: Harvey Melvin Richards     [11/30/2011]

Nice air cleaner. I had one like that in a previous shop. I wired the motor to a 3 speed switch and on high it would quickly clear the air.

Posted By: Kerry Fullington     [12/01/2011]


This cleaner has a two speed motor. I leave it on low most of the time but if I stir up a lot of dust I kick it into high and it cleans the room pretty quick. Now if there were an easy way to clean the filters.

Posted By: ed     [10/08/2014]
Use washable filters ,premade or out of hogshair . At your local HVAC supplier.

Posted By: Jim     [11/21/2014]
curious, is that motor totally enclosed ? If not does it get clogged with the finest dust , if not the filters are doing a very good job. If it does, it's a fire hazard.

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