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Another portable clamp rack

Listing #72   Listed on: 12/02/2011

Nice clamp rack below. Here's our version.....but just for hand clamps.

BH Davis

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Another portable clamp rack

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Posted By: Steve     [12/06/2011]

Well done - but seeing at a glance seven racks of a dozen clamps apece, do you not find it a tipover risk on such a relatively narrow base with such massive weight proportionately?

Posted By: B.H. Davis     [12/06/2011]


Surprisingly it is very stable. We typically grab it about 10" or so from the top to pull it around but even if it gets pulled from the very top it just solidly rolls around. It has never given any hint of instability. Full, partially full or empty seems to be just fine.

BH Davis

Posted By: Bob Thompson     [12/11/2011]

Any chance at getting patterns for making this?

Posted By: scott     [12/12/2011]

Well done! about as good as it could get for that style of clamp.

Posted By: Michael Greco     [12/14/2011]

I'm sorry Bob, I don't really want to jump on you, but look at the picture and measure your clamps.
This just seems like second nature. A customer brings in a magazine clipping or internet email of a wall unit they like and says, "Make this fit my space."
Isn't that what we are doing here?
Give it a try. If you can layout and cut wood, make a mock-up or 2 and put your clamps on it. Fiddle a little and there you go! Perfect, just for you.
Best wishes.

Posted By: scott     [12/14/2011]

lighten up Michael! why state the obvious? Why should he re-invent the wheel if the other guy has his drawings and is willing to share them? If a guy is trying to make his living doing this it's nice to just grab something that obviously works and run with it - that time saved is another day toward finishing a job and getting paid. best wishes!

Posted By: Adam     [12/15/2011]


I believe you are exceeding the load capacity of those lovely casters. That clamp cart is a work of art. Where are all those cool curved clamps hiding?

Posted By: B.H. Davis     [12/15/2011]

Adam,'re almost right about the casters. The first set I used were some I had on the shelf. Those didn't hold up. The current set you see in the photo came from McMaster-Carr and are rated for the weight.

As to plans I just laid it out on scratch paper at the time. I measured the clamps and grabbed some clubs from the lumber barn to make the legs. The overall height came from the length of the clubs.

I just measured the rack though and have attached a quick dimensional sketch.

BH Davis

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