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Miter Saw Stand

Listing #81   Listed on: 08/07/2012

Below is a miter saw stand Forum Technical Advisor Gary Katz uses on the job site.

Gary made this stand years ago and it's served well. The extension wings are only 5 feet so they store easily, but the fences slide out in both directions on T-bolts. The Flip-stops slide on T-bolts too, so different sizes of casing or panel molding (etc.) can be cut repetitively, without having to move a stop. The whole thing breaks down very quickly and is light enough to carry with the stand.

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Miter Saw Stand

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Posted By: Chris Tomasi     [08/21/2012]

Looks like the Miter saw stand I purchased from an add in fine woodworking...I forget the name of it. I've had 2 in the last 15 years. Only difference is the wooden extensions in gary's stand is an aluminum extrusion. Great fence/stand for jobsite use even when on dirt, as legs telescope. Only complaint is the aluminum extrusion sags with time.

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