2k Poly


From original questioner:

So I'm using CIC 2k poly for the first time. I ran some test samples and I like the product. Now that I am on to the bigger panels I am having some trouble trying to get an even spray pattern. My fan and pressures look fine but as I spray across a piece it looks as if I am getting to much build and causing that striped look. I am spraying evenly,overlapping evenly, no fingering from the tip etc. Fluid pressure is fine air pressure is fine. I will see what it looks like when cured but while it's wet it looks very uneven. Anyone have experience with this?

From contributor Lu

have had that happen with poly. the problem is in the type of flatening agent they use. when sprayed on too wet it coagulates and creates dull patches/lines that look like dry spray. Try this: instead of laying down wet coats like you usually would, increase air pressure a bit and spray it farther away (approx 18in.). Make light passes that are not very wet. Almost like a piss coat.. The 1st pass should not be even and wet, should look like its thirsty... Second pass should start to look like your normal pass. Give it a minute to settle and then give it another pass, just to even everything out.

I know it sounds like a lot of crap to go thru, but give it a shot and let us know how that works out for you.

From contributor ru

Yep Luuuke that's exactly what I ended up doing. It works very well. I sprayed one light pass barely even wetting the surface, waited a few minutes then sprayed a slightly heavier pass, waited a few more minutes then sprayed a moderately heavier topcoat and it looks great.