3d Central Models Into Cabinet Vision 4.1


From original questioner:

Hi all,
When I needed to import a 3d object in Solid 4.1 I used the method in the help files exporting from autocad as a .3ds file. Then reopening and saving as a dfx and always imported easily into solid. Now I'm using a newer version of autocad and can no longer export a 3ds file.
I found this site" 3dcentral" where you can download many 3d models but unable to figure out a way to import any of these objects into Solid.
Is my only choice is install and earlier version of autocad?
Hoping someone here has a answer.


From contributor Ma

2007 is the last version for which 3ds export application is available. Haven't needed to for a while, but when I used to export ACAD to CV, I'm pretty sure I used dxf ... saved as 'object'. Tools > Saveas Options. Worth a try if you haven't already.

From contributor ja

I have checked out this site before, what type of models do you use from it. I found little (or I did not search right) that are used in woodworking or carving ?

From contributor Da

Thanks for the reply Mark but that didn't work.

I was actually looking to download a picture frame to use for a drawing in Solid.

From contributor Ma

Darn! The only thing I can see happening with the 3ds swap is that your solid is converted to a triangulated mesh. Lots of variables with dxf, though ... did you try saving as earlier versions, and in binary? When I send profiles out for knives I go all the way back to R14. Might as well exhaust those options first. Also, can you post a screenshot of Solid's import dropdown list for file types? I'm sure there's a way to do this sans 3ds.

From contributor mo

i use rhino 5 is better for this job