3rd Party Particle Board Cutting


From original questioner:

I am in the process of cutting 5/8 particle board for another company, anybody has any idea of price to be charge?. Should it be done by the lineal foot ?? We have a beam saw, which makes things a lot easier, but, on the other hand, material has to be purchased, unloaded, packed and so on. Any idea will be really appreciated, thanks George

From contributor ca

The rule of thumb 1.35 of the cost of pb- takes care of all, but not cutting the particle board.

The hourly rate of 45-65 an hour takes care of the machine payment and operators time. A lot of people will disagree, but once you order, unload, warehouse, prep, cut, stack and prep for shipment, you are stretching the envelope of 1.35.

We charge material x 1.35-1.50 depending on the materials and then the hourly rate always rounded up to the 1/2 hour.

Don't forget to buy in bulk, take your cash discount and/or early payment discount. A lot of times I ask for cash discount which is 3%.

From contributor Ge

Thank you !! In this case we did the cutting for a lumber broker, but being that the order was not big enough for a truck load, we took half the load for us, but the whole thing was a mess, they gave the broker the wrong measurements, he passed along to us, the fellow picking up the lumber had an accident on 495, the lumber was not easy to handle ( 5 x 9). It took us more than 12 hours to cut. Will not do it again. Thanks again for your input. George