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Tips on repairing or replacing the caliper device on a moulder'smachining, accuracy, set-up, milling, cutting, shaping, joints, joinery, cutters, heads, knives, sharpening, automatic tool-setting stand. May 13, 2005

I have an ATS measuring stand that I use for measuring knives in the cutter head for my moulder. The electronic part of the measuring stand recently died and the large and established moulder manufacturer that originally supplied it wants almost $500 to replace the part. Even if I were rich I wouldn’t pay that, on principle alone. I could replace the part myself for $50 if I could find a 6” electronic caliper that had an 1/8” thick back so it could be attached to the measuring stand, but so far I can’t find any such animal. Any ideas?

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From contributor J:
I've often worried about this happening to me. Have you tried contacting the caliper maker? Mine has a Mitutoyo caliper on it. I would think you could get one from someone other than your moulder company.

From contributor N:
Is it possible the battery is dead? If so, and the caliper is like mine, then the problem is accessing the battery. I just unscrewed the housing on the caliper and replaced the standard watch battery that was in there.

From Dave Rankin, forum technical advisor:
Recently I supplied both new calipers and a new post with a more positive locking system on it. The caliper is much less than the $500. You might have to drill 2 additional holes in the caliper holder. I have seen the mounts with 2 or 4 holes. The standard hole pattern for the factory caliper is 45 mm center to center. The aftermarket caliper has a 35 mm center to center hole pattern.