A High-Gloss Finish for Solid Surface

Here's a polishing schedule for buffing solid surfacing to a high gloss, along with a warning (it scratches easily). November 13, 2005

I have a spec for a hi gloss finish on some Corian tops we are doing. Is there a polishing/ buffing compound that we can use? Would using an automotive polishing compound and a buffer work? Any help is appreciated.

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From contributor J:
A real high quality, high gloss, finish is produced by doing all the following, you can skip 8, 9 and 10 if you want to speed up the process but you will sacrifice a little quality.

Very High Gloss Finish
1. 30, 60 or 80 Grit if needed
2. 120 Grit if needed
3. 180 Grit or 100 Micron
4. 280 or 320 Grit or 60 Micron
5. 400 Grit or 30 Micron or Green Trizact
6. 600 Grit or 20 Micron or Blue Trizact

7. 1000 Grit or 10 Micron 0r Blue Trizact
8. 1500 Grit or 8 Micron or Blue Trizact
9. 2000 Grit or 5 Micron or Orange Trizact
10. 3000 Grit or less than 1 Micron or White Trizact
11. Wite or Gold Scuff and Buff
12. Finessit II Paste

From contributor R:
Good luck getting paid as nothing scratches easier than high gloss solid surface

From contributor S:
I agree with Contributor R. Make the customer sign a disclaimer before you start.