Accuracy of Kiln Sample Moisture Content Measurements

Factors including temperature change can reduce the accuracy of MC readings, particularly at high moisture contents. April 30, 2006

Is it normal for MC readings of samples from a 130* kiln to drop about 1% after being out of the kiln for about 1 hour? Readings are being taken with a Delmhorst meter on 4/4 cherry.

Forum Responses
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From Gene Wengert, forum technical advisor:
Indeed the readings you get are not too reliable, as they are greatly affected by temperature of the wood. Insulated needles are somewhat better than uninsulated. The temperature corrections are just estimates, however, so you do not really know what MC you have. The resistance method of measuring MC is not even close to accurate for moistures over 25% MC. I wish that there was an accurate electrical method of measuring MC above 25%, but there is not. Hence, the weighing technique must be used.