Accuride Eclipse Drawer Box Preparation

Layout dimension details for installing the new Accuride undermount slides. December 9, 2005

Accuride brought to market an undermount slide known as the Eclipse. The drawer box preparation for this slide differs from that of Blum and when preparing your drawers, you should be aware of this.

To calculate the drawer box dimensions, use the following formulae (good for drawer thickness from 1/2" to 5/8"):

Outside Drawer Box Depth = length of the slide purchased (example: A 16" slide should have a 16" drawer box)

Inside Drawer Box Width = Inside opening minus 1-3/4" (example: A 20" wide opening will require a drawer box to have an inside width dimension of 18-1/4")

Notch Size = 1-3/4"

Hook Hole Location = 1/4" from the inside of drawer side and 14/32" from the drawer bottom

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