Achieving Parallel Edges on a Straight-Line Rip Saw

Quick explanation of how to keep consistent widths and parallel edges with the straight-line ripsaw. July 29, 2011

We have a new straight line rip saw and we just started using it in a limited way, it is not in its permanent location. When ripping glue stave's we are having problems getting parallel edges off the laser. I am assuming this is a question of experience and skill? Using the fence would be very slow. Am I correct?

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From contributor E:
If you want parallel rips you'll have to use the fence to achieve that after establishing a straight edge with the laser. Trying to use just the laser will never work. Having said that, using the fence really only adds a little time. If you're doing that much ripping you're concerned about the added time, you should have looked at a gang rip saw.

From contributor S:
If you want 3" blanks, set the fence to the right of the blade at 3". Then rip/straighten the right edge of the board using the laser guideline. This sends the board to the left of the blade and the edging to the right. Next pass on the same board, put the just ripped edge to the fence and feed it in. You will then have a 3" blank. Experienced operators and can rip blanks all day and stay within 1/16" variance.