Adjustable-Height Work Tables

Advice on work tables that allow the user to choose between standing and sitting. November 14, 2014

Does anybody know of any good hardware for raising and lowering desks? I have been reading about the health benefits of standing at your desk vs. sitting. My desk at the shop is at 39 inches which allows me to stand or sit at a high bench. My office at home is a regular sit down 30 inch high surface. I would like to be able to lift or lower these desk surfaces electronically. I would also like to have some kind of limit switch that brings them to same height each time. The probable lift weight would be maybe 30-40 lbs including table surface and imac. Does anyone have any ideas?

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From contributor L:
We've been using 41" and office stools w/backs and arms, adjustable, on casters. Desks aren't adjustable but provide easy walkup use for those that come and go frequently.

From contributor C:
Take a look at the "Adjustable Height Workbench" link below located at the Shopbuilt Equipment Gallery. Pretty cool I must say.

Adjustable Height Workbench

From contributor D:
We have been working with Hafele's ATS Tables for over ten years (adjustable table systems). They offer the bases in electric or crank models, straight tables or corner tables. These work very well.