Alphacam Router Question


From original questioner:

I cutout rectangles with rounded corners on my flat table router using alphacam router as my cad/cam. I'd like to edit my tool paths so that when cutting out my components in a nest the tool finishes cutting out the rectangle and moves over to the next components without raising up and rapiding. It's only traveling .51" so a continuous cutting motion would save me time per cycle.

If I try to join the geometries the tool paths won't intersect and therefore fails to make the cut. Any ideas would be appreciated.


From contributor Le

Do you have the opption for common line cutting in your set up menu?

From contributor Mi

Yes you can. There are two ways. First you can draw a single polyline in AutoCad to cut out the rectangles as a single entity. It would be an open polyline and you can assign the direction to the desired side.

The second does not require Auto cad. It can be a little tricky You draw your shapes and assign a tool path to cut the shapes in order from right to left or left to right. Do not put a lead in/out to the tool paths. Next, go to 'View'-'Display options' and click 'draw rapids.' Now use your change command to change the rapids to feed cuts. Now use just apply a lead in to the first shape tool path. Once done you can apply a lead out to the tool path of the last shape. Done.