Alternative to Yellow Glue

Melamine glue may be the best alternative - 1998

Q. I'm looking for a glue for drawers that is flexible and strong, like silicone, but which cleans up with water or lacquer-thinner. We use standard yellow glue now, which dries brittle.

For most jobs, our drawers are made of fibreboard with a melamine coating. The corner joints are dadoed and pin-nailed and there is a dado for the bottom to slip into as well. The drawer guides are attached with six short screws provided by the manufacturer. Cleanup is our biggest problem when looking for substitutes.

A. The adhesive you require is called "Melamine Glue". It has the ability to bond a variety of materials and the ultimate glue line is somewhat soft and flexible. It cleans up easily with water. It's available from many quality distributors and specialty woodworking stores.

Jeff Pitcher is Marketing Director for Custom-Pak Adhesives in Newark, Ohio.