Anyone Sold Microvellum 67 To Third Party?


From original questioner:

I know many have used Microvellum successfully but it is not right for us.

I was wondering if it can be sold and more importantly can it be used by the person buying it (licensing, etc..) Has anyone done this? Any experience or advice would be appreciated.


From contributor Le

Have you gone to the source and asked Microvellum what their policy is on re-licensing? I'm sure they have one. Also, any buyer is likely to need training unless they're looking to acquire a second seat.

From contributor De

Unless you have a ton of money to spend this software may be for you! $2,400 a year for support is out of this world. Unless you have about $200K per year in sale this software is not affordable! Just my opinion!

From contributor Br

Microvellum 6.7 is a dead horse. The new version is Toolbox 7. I doubt that you will be able to sell it and if you can someone will have to make the call to have the license changed, if that is possible.

From contributor Le

Brian, are you suggesting that the older version is unusable? I find that hard to believe.

From contributor GB

it's far from a dead horse....I've pushed a few million in volume through 6.7 myself....In fact, many people seem to prefer it over the new version so far....But, I'm really out of the loop at this point, so perhaps Version 7 is better now than it was....

From contributor Br

I did not mean that it was useable I only was stating that development has stopped. I am using Toolbox 7.5.102 and it is really coming together. All copies of our 6 series are disabled and only the geometry can be copied for use. 7 is the way to go but it is much higher tech, and I like it. A lot.

From contributor St

It is my understanding that your license agreement prohibits the sale of the software to a third party. In the case of purchasing (or selling) a complete company, Microvellum may make an exception and grant a license transfer - for a fee.