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From original questioner:

I usually spray my pieces flat, I just have some saw horses or a home made stand. I found with the dark stain that I was getting over spray on the bottom side. I probably have in the past just didn't notice it like I did on this project. What is everyone else using,? I did see one guy on the net using some kind of turn table thing that let him spin the pieces. Or are the majority of people spraying vertical. I am not a fan of putting staples or screws in the unseen edge of a cabinet door, but maybe I should be. Any wisdom in this area would be appreciated.

From contributor Da

we use a stand with 4 pins in it on a azy susan bearing. the pins are about 4" high and I put a rubber bumper on them so they dont damage the doors. We can make any size of holder with a piece of plywood and 4 - 4" screws with a bumper on top. That does one door at a time. otherwise I use a 6" board between 2 sawhorses and lay down a strip of paper on the board, then put drawer fronts end to end leaving a 1" gap. I can do 8-10 drawer fronts this way. after you pick them up you toss the paper or flip it over for a clean surface.

From contributor Ch

I use what I call my "magic discs" for overspray... made by 3M, I think the official name is "TRIZACT HOOKIT FILM". takes off overspray without damaging the finish.

From contributor ni

jso, What are you spraying your stain with?
AAA?, pot/gun?, turbine?, airless?, gravity gun? what air pressure and fluid pressure?...the answer (or at least a partial answer to your problem) may be as simple as making some adjustments (lower air/fluid pressure or a smaller tip) to your set-up.
I spray my dye stains with a Devilbiss vtx and my spray and wiping stains with a CAT SLP set-up with a .8 both at just enough air pressure for decent atomization. I also spray my doors, drawer fronts and end panels horizontally and have no problem with the stain wrapping around on to the underneath side...of course the price for this control is slower production.

From contributor Js

thanks for all the input.
I was only getting overspray with the clear coats. I was spraying this batch of doors with a Kremlin 30-1 pump and xcite gun set at about 40 fluid pressure and 10-12 air pressure.

From contributor JM

Im not familiar with the kremlin pump numbers, but f your pump (30-1 that you call it) has a ratio of 30:1, that means with your 40lbs of air pressure, you are pressurizing the fluid to 1200lbs.

Most clear finishes recommend fluid pressures in the area of 400 to 600 lbs. This means you should have your fluid pressure gauge set to about 15 to 20lbs instead of the 40lbs you have.