Aqua Fortis Finishes and Veneer Adhesive

Will aqua fortis finish break down the glue bond for a veneered countertop? June 28, 2013

I have a countertop that I am veneering with curly maple. The finish is going to be Aquafortis (nitric acid) with a hand rubbed poly top coat. I am wondering if the Aquafortis will react with the glue on veneer? What about delaminating veneer? I plan on using Unibond 800 white pressed in a bag, and MDF is the substrate.

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From contributor T:
Is this paper back or raw as no backing maple veneer? If it is raw I would say no as long as you follow the glue directions and let it sit for 24 hours after pressing. As for paper back make a sample to see how the finish reacts with the veneer. Always sample when you are not sure!

From contributor V:
If you are using a UF resin you should not have any issues that I am aware of. Because of the thermoset nature of UF resins the AF should not break down the glue line. Not sure on the acrylic glue used in paper backed veneers but you can always make a small test sample and test the AF finish on it to be sure.

From the original questioner:
The veneer I am looking for and hope to use is not backed. I am afraid the backing would be broken down by the AF. I found some wide stuff yesterday and think I am going to finish the veneer first with the AF. Then neutralize it and apply to the substrate. This seems to be the safest road.