Attaching an Aggregate and Saw Blade to a CNC Machine

Here's a basic explanation of how you go about equipping a CNC machine with the capability to saw square shapes out of panels. June 30, 2007

I cut a lot of MDF doors and plywood to make drawers. Is there a way for me to attach an aggregate spindle to a CNC router so that it could cut along the x and y axis?

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From contributor D:
What type of cut are you trying to achieve?

From the original questioner:
Sorry. I meant attaching a saw blade to cut the sheet into rectangular sizes for drawers.

From contributor M:
If you mean attaching an aggregate with a saw to the main spindle, you will need a C-axis for positioning at 0-90-180-270 degrees for the cutting, and a torque arm retaining ring attached to the C-axis that mates to the aggregate. If your machine is already set up with the above, all you need is the measurements of the retaining ring so that the aggregate guys can attach the proper torque arm.

From contributor G:
It is quite possible to use a saw blade on an aggregate to achieve the cuts you are describing. The aid of the C-axis as described greatly simplifies the process for cutting rectangles. In order to make the best recommendation for an aggregate, it will help to know the diameter of saw you are running, the thickness of the material you are cutting, the router manufacturer, and if you would like to use the aggregate for any additional capabilities such as lock recess cutting, hinge area prep or any other work on the side of the sheet.

From contributor J:
Why not cut the door and drawer parts out with a router bit? Using a saw aggregate to cut parts from a nested sheet is not as efficient as using a 3/8" or 1/2" cutter and is difficult to manage. If you were cutting from hardwood, then the saw may be an option.