Bag Liners for Pressure Pots

Tip: You can line a pressure pot with a plastic trash bag. March 26, 2012

I thought I'd post this and I know some will make fun of me because of it but some may want to try it. Several years ago I used to use pressure pot liners which cost me about $3.50 to $4 dollars each and I complained to my rep about the cost and he agreed that it was too much and it probably cost a dime to make them.

I rebelled and sprayed out of gallon cans and other different containers that would fit in the pot. The only problem was is that it made a mess in the pot. I recently got an idea, and I ordered a couple of the liners and managed to clean the pots up and put the liners in. I bought a box of Glad trash bags, the four gallon ones which fit the 2.5 pot perfect and use them as a liner for the material. The bag is big enough to put in the pot and lip over the top same as if it were in a trash can. At the end of the day just lift the bag out and the pot is clean. The best part of all is 30 bags cost about $3.75. You can also use lac thinner in them to clean with.

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From contributor S:
Why do you go through so many liners? I bought a case of Binks liners years ago and am still on my second one. I would think just stirring the material would rip the bag.

From the original questioner:
If you use CV you will go through them plenty of them.

From contributor M:
Do you mean that you put the trash bag in first then use the gallon paint can inside that? I agree conversion varnish is no joke for cleanup. It will also melt aluminum! Let that stuff set up in your gun and you will need a lightning rod and a good old Texas thunderstorm to get it clean again.

From the original questioner:
I don't use the cans anymore at all, that was what I was doing before I started using the bags. Once I got the pot cleaned up I put an actual Binks liner in just in case I got a pin hole in the bag. I put the bag in the pot and the CV right into the bag and its ready to spray. When I'm ready to clean up I take that bag out and put another clean one in and put my thinner can/jug into the new liner and clean the gun and hoses.