Bandsaw Belt Slipping

Poor alignment between the belt and the pulley is the likeliest explanation for a bandsaw drive belt slipping off its pulley. October 19, 2014

Question (WOODWEB Member) :
The grooved belt on my Powermatic bandsaw keeps falling off its pulleys. I have put it back on several times but as soon as I push wood through the blade it pops off. It seems quite snug when it's on. This was never a problem until now. I know that this problem is related to the fact that the upper pulley came loose from its axle today. I have since put it back on securely but think that maybe I didn't position it properly on its axle. I can adjust its position but I need to know precisely what sort of position, relative to the lower (motor) pulley, I should be striving for.

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From contributor F:
If I'm understanding your question correctly you’re trying to align the motor pulley to the wheel pulley, in which case they just need to be set in the same plane. You need to use a straight edge run across the pulleys to ensure they are indeed aligned in the same plane and this should resolve your belt popping off.