Bandsaw Milling Short Logs

A vertical commercial bandsaw with a roller table works well. Here are several examples. October 8, 2005

A used vertical commercial bandsaw with a sliding carriage was recommended to me for cutting short logs. Does anyone have any recommendations on mill manufacturers or brands of saws to investigate for this type of sawing?

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From contributor A:
I was given several hundred oak "logs" last fall that had come from the expansion of a building site. The clearing crew just wanted the material gone and they had cut everything into 4 foot lengths. Most logs were 8 to 12 inches in diameter. I had no problem with these after I added an extra set of vertical dogs to my horizontal bandmill to stabilize the log. This might be a cheaper and easier solution for this type of material.

From contributor B:
I think what you may be looking for, is something like this.

From contributor C:
This has been my solution for small short logs on a 37" Bridgewood bandsaw. I used a similar set-up prior to this, using a 20" Powermatic bandsaw.

From contributor D:
Do you have holding dogs on that board under the log? How are you keeping it still?

From contributor C:
It's the weight of the log that keeps things in place. There are 2 beveled 2 by 4's that act as a cradle to keep the log centered. I can split a log down the center and also have 2 offsets 3" and 5" from the blade. In the above photo the log is centered 3" from the blade and the end result was a 6" by 6". This is not for grade sawing lumber.