Battery-Powered Respirators

Are the positive pressure ("air fed") facemasks with a battery pack a good idea for finishers? July 16, 2012

I would like any recommendations/feedback on these type of masks. A hose feeding fresh air sounds great but somewhat inconvenient. The battery driven respirators like the 3M Breath Easy powered air purifying respirator sound convenient once you're strapped in. The downside would be 400 x eight hours charge for a $300 battery (not too bad) and the change in respirator filters.

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From contributor R:
If you decide you want an air fed hood, contact me. I had to buy one five years ago to meet a crazy safety inspector's guidelines. I used it for about a dozen hours and it's been sitting there since. They are nice but it's just a little bulky for me being the owner and finisher.

From contributor C:
I used to have the 3M mask you mentioned. It worked well but was bulky and the cost of filters and a new battery became very expensive. I now use a Devilbiss air Vizor system for spraying 2k urethane. I find it very comfortable and light. You get used to a hose pretty quickly. Also in summer it is nice to have cool air to breathe. I know other companies like Sata make them too.