Belt Sander Burning Cabinet Door Edges

How to not burn the end grain when sanding door edges on a wide-belt sander. September 23, 2006

We produce mostly cope and stick raised panel doors for our cabinets. I was wondering if any of you guys have problems burning the end grain on the bottom and top of your doors. Our edge sander is oscillating and the profile sanding heads take most of it out with a couple of passes, but I feel like that burn on the end is unnecessary and the door and the belt are hot to the touch right after sanding. We try to just touch the door to the belt in very small time increments which helps but does not always eliminate the problem.

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From contributor A:
If it is burning with just a light pass, I'm guessing that your paper is too fine. If you've got anything finer than 180 I'm sure that is the problem. I run 100 or 120 on my edge sander, and can still burn cherry end grain if I want to.

From contributor B:
If you bump the doors to the belt, it will stop that. Without a sidestop it's dangerous and it looks a little obscene if you use your hips but, it does work.

From contributor C:
Also, put the table at an angle so you are using a larger surface area of the belt instead of a little band 3/4" high.