Benefits of Vinyl Sanding Sealers

Why use a vinyl sanding sealer under a conversion varnish? Finishers offers several reasons. October 26, 2007

I use a pre-cat lacquer and currently do not use a sanding sealer. What are the benefits of using a sanding sealer under the lacquer?

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From contributor R:
I think you will need less coats of topcoat to build a good finish.

From contributor D:
Vinyl sanding sealer will also sand easier than lacquer and has good adhesion properties along with excellent moisture resistance.

From contributor T:
A vinyl sanding sealer is designed to add additional moisture protection in a bathroom or kitchen setting. The vinyl adds some flexibility to the coating so when it is hit, the film moves without breaking.

From the original questioner:
I understand the vinyl sealers also have a little yellow to them. Are they as yellow as a polyurethane?

From contributor B:
I think Campbell's is listed as water white vinyl sealer.

From contributor E:
Since I started using Magnamax (vinyl sealer), finishing the product is easier and comes out much nicer. It is sandable in 20-30 minutes.