Bent Wood Pieces


From original questioner:

Hi All.
Can anyone let me know how can I straighten a bent multi layered wood pc.
Actually We made some pieces the construction is top layer 4 mm Teak Wood, Middle Layer 12 mm Pine Ply & bottom layer 4 mm Spruce Wood But all the pieces made are bent, is there any way to straighten them. I have heared about Ammonia Treatment as well as Steam Treatment. Will it help.

From contributor Da

It sounds as if you made an unbalanced plywood panel. Or took a plywood panel and (unintentionally) unbalanced it by using a different species on each face.

As conditions change, one face/species moves more than the other, causing warp.

Steam or ammonia will not help, I am afraid. The best thing to do is make all panels balanced with the same species top and bottom, same thickness, and same finish.

From contributor Ta

Yes, I completely agree with the post above that ammonia or steam treatment would be of no help if the wood has got bent or warped. You cannot do anything except changing the different species of wood that have been used.

From contributor ma

About all that you can do to salvage the material is glue two pieces together back to back. When you try again with a balanced laminate, make sure it's flat in the clamps/bag.

From contributor Ja

Below are few links that can be helpful in the matter.

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From contributor Ta

The best thing you can do is to use that wooden piece for some excellent arch work that you need for some rooms and use some durable wood. The slackening of wood or the bending generally occurs due to moisture. In order to prevent that, you must have kept it flat on the surface with some insulation from the bottom like some plastic sheet which would have prevented moisture from getting into the wood fibers. Just go for that next time.