Best Way To Get Water Out Of Airlines


From original questioner:

Just bought a new bander and already have a water catcher in line and wanting to know the best way to get rid of all the water ? Looked at air dryer , but a little confusing when they go from 30.00 to 3,000.00 . Thanks in advance !

From contributor Ha

You can add a water filter to your air line and they all have drains to get rid of excess water. We have one at each machine and they are less than 30.00@. We also put a time valve on our compressor which can be set to how often it drains and for how long. A 30second flush every hour keeps the compressor clear of water.

From contributor Do

I like the timer on air compressor , brand name and model # , please ThAnks !!,

From contributor Ha

I do not know the brand or model and it is way under my compressor, but I am sure any compressor distributed or grain get will have one. It will not replace line filters along the length of your pipe, but it saves you from having to remember to drain your tank.

From contributor ri

Biggest mistake I see on cheap water traps is that they are placed too close to the compressor. Hot air carries a lot of water. The air has to cool to get the moisture to drop out. For low volume use, a desiccate filter works very well. A simple toaster oven dries it out for reuse. High volume and high humidity locations will need a chiller.

From contributor Da

And think about your airlines and how they are plumbed. That hot air cools off in the lines and that is where the water condenses - as it the air cools. Run the lines so they will drain by gravity towards either compressor or the point of use. Add a drain spigot at the lowest part of the line, below where you take off the air, and this will help quite a bit. And it is all passive.

From contributor ca

The youtube videos of these guys (below)does a great job of explaining water in air lines and methods to clear out.

I have a 10hp compressor going into an extra 80 gallon tank and then into an air dryer, it cost 2200.00. It is rated for 35cfm and it is made by Ingersol Rand. We have a lot of machines (edgebander, cnc router, cnc doweller and lots of air tools. No water !

From contributor jo

Get a refrigerator/dryer pronto ! Do not screw around with water in your lines. Filters will not do it. If you have the budget, go with a Kaeser system. This is not the time to take a "poor boy" approach.

From contributor ca

We had a Keasar air dryer for 6 years and it was an excellent unit- but the estimate for the compressor and labor was 1175.00. Just out of line, I thought. Bought the IR Nirvana and its been great -

I agree not a time to pinch any pennies. The banders electro valves will hate you and you will wish to ..... you never let water in the lines

From contributor Do

Just found a Van Air dryer , refridgerator on craigslist for 150.00 . Plug & play , with a timer for drain ! He , he ! Will but today !! Thanks Guys for input !

From contributor Do

I am thinking about putting it right before the edgebander .