Biomass Heating


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Would anyone care to relate their experience with grinding and burning their waste for heat? Plam, particleboard, hardwood on a medium scale. We grind and fill a 40' trailer about once a month and it is hauled to a major power producer and burned. Would like to get the energy but have concerns about things like insurance rates, emissions, storage etc. System range is 70 - 80 k and we currently spend about 20k per year for LP (the beauty of the Northland and 20 below) so the ROI is pretty short. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks!

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I looked at this periodically in the late 80's. The catch we had was that in order to runt the "electric meter backwards" we had to have a pressurized vessel - boiler - and therefore a 24 hour watchman in place. The owners would never pay for someone to 'do nothing', so it never advanced. We did not need the heat so much as the electricity. Heat only should be more doable.

That was before we ever got to environmental specifications.

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Just to clarify, I am looking at heat only, not power generation.

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Tom - I'd go to Atlanta and find some folks that are in the business. That is where I talked to 2 companies that provided the equipment everyday. Look them up first before you go, and give them a call and try to set a time to sit down with them and let them tell you what and how. By just walking into the booth, they may not be able to give you the time you would like.

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We have a Biomass Furnace and a Wind Turbine at our shop. The link is to an article on the details.