Black Coating for a Small Job

Suggestions for achieving a deep black finish without having to buy full quantities of expensive products. June 18, 2013

Most of the kitchen Iíve completed is pigmented CV ("white") with glaze and WW CV topcoat. I'm doing an island also distressed, but in a different color - black. I perplexed on this. What can I do to yield the best results without spending another $300 on pigmented CV when I only need a quart? I exaggerate. I know there are other options. Were it not for the distressing and a little bit of glaze, I wouldn't worry about a topcoat and just use a good paint. Do I use acrylic enamel with a waterbased poly topcoat? Oil paint? I'm just trying to think of things I can purchase in rather small quantities. Iím not trying to cut corners, mind you, I just donít want a load of something sitting around that cost half-an-arm.

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From contributor J:
For black I've been tinting my sealer with a black that my finish supplier provided. I think itís around 2 oz/quart or so, I'd have to look. It also sands easier than a black primer or black CV. You can then top coat with clear CV. I am using Becker careseal and innovat.

From contributor U:
I have been using tinted sealer as well. 5 gal of black sealer cost about $200 and recently some birch forest green cost $300. I think I used about two gallons of the green and now it's sitting on the shelf. Sounds like Contributor Jon might be onto something by tinting it himself.

From contributor A:
Have your tint studio add black pigment to a clear vinyl sealer, thatís all. Spray your first coat of sealer (black) thick or thin depending on how deep of black youíre looking for. With burning I spray one thin black coat which will allow the grain to shine through. Once dry sand and burn to desired effect. Follow these coats with two topcoats with either lacquer/cv for a black island. There is a good chance of vinyl sealer coming in quarts, gallons for sure.