Black Walnut


From original questioner:

What are the major types of black walnut in the USA?

Not to be presumptuous I've been "selling" my local black walnut as "Western Black walnut" instead of calling it Claro, only to discover there is no such tree.

Then I hear about Paradox, Bastogne, Royal, Texas, California and Franquette.

I live is western Oregon. What type of black Walnut is "local"? Just saw an add in Craigs list for a paradox.

Talked with Oregon State University Extension and they are real short on information. One fellow I talked with had never heard of Claro until he moved to Oregon some years ago. He thought (was taught?) there was only one kind of black walnut, J. nigra. He was schooled in the mid-west.
Just looking for info so I don't sound stupid (again).

From contributor ma

In the southeast, the local walnut is simply called "black walnut". It is similar to what comes out of the Appalachians up through PA, and maybe into NY. It does seem to have a different character from the midwestern black walnut, but this might just be specific to my local supply chain. California walnut is Claro. Then there's English walnut.
I've never heard of the types that you cite, but imagine that they are cultivar names that have more to do with characteristics of the nut, then the wood. They're likely all Claro cultivars, as Claro is the orchard species grown in the west. Black walnuts can be eaten, but they're more of an acquired taste, and way too much work to get at for general commercial purposes.

From contributor je

There is a list of the walnuts native to the US here - see link to List below.

The Forest Products Lab has tons of info on their web-site:

You have to dig a bit. Some of it is hard to find, but there is lots there.