Bonding wood to glass

Recommended glues and tapes for bonding wood to glass. January 24, 2001

I want to bond small, long wood grill members (1/2" x 1/2"), urethane-finished, to glass set in a wood frame. What adhesive should I use?

Forum Responses
A glue called Weldbond will bond wood to glass. It dries clear.

I use a heavy bead of clear silicone and trim the excess with an exacto knife after it cures.

We have used a tape adhesive film from 3M. It can be applied with a inexpensive tape gun dispenser. It is clear, paper thin, and permanent.

Stay away from any adhesive containing silicone. It will cause problems with your finishes (fisheye, etc.).

We use foam tape from the glass shop. Tape is black or white and 1/16" thick, 3/8" wide and sticky on both sides.