Brandt Edgebander Fast Clicking


From original questioner:

we have Brandt 530 and last week we installed a new glue pot, i noticed the clocker or the relay that control the temperature clicking over a 70 time per minute after reaching the 189, i contacted the service he told me it is normal and it is to maintain the temperature of the glue put. I never heard it clicking this much previously. i guess that was the reason that destroyed the old glue Pot. i guess if i ignore this issue, it will kill the new 4K glue pot, it is not normal for the relay or the clocker to keep connecting and disconnecting the 5 heating cartridges over 70 times per minute. calling for stiles tech is my last resort, as i was told by other shops in California it is so expensive and not guaranty to to get is fix replacing the right part the first time. i would welcome any input or any contacts for Edgebander tech at Los Angels area. Thank you.

From contributor La

It is not "normal" for a temperature control to do that. It will probably destroy the relay. There is a setting called "Hysteresis" that allows a certain drop (or gain) in temperature before turning back on. If you have the instructions for your temperature controller you will find it. (Stiles refused to give me the instructions for may Brandt. required me to have one of their techs come.) Long story short, I bought a temperature control from Automation Direct ($125 VS $843 for the part) AD has the full set of instructions on line for free. I had no experience with temp controllers. I had to contact AD tech help. They cleared up my understanding, walked me through some programming steps, no charge! It has now been working fine for several years. PS, AD has lots of electrical, electronic, pneumatic etc. that you can buy for much less than OEM parts.